Our Systems

We maintain our own secure warehouse facilities, which are manned 24 hours a day and kept under continuous video surveillance. The last twenty seven years has taught us EXPERIENCE, QUALITY RESOURCE and ATTENTION TO DETAIL are the crucial hallmarks of any high quality transport service.

OMS (Online Management System)

A few years ago, we decided to develop our own in-house system that would cater for a variety of customer needs, as a result the “OMS” (Online Management System) was born. OMS is one of the game changing initiatives that has allowed us to grow and process more parcels from customers than ever before, we have been constantly updating and adapting the system to accommodate our customer’s changing needs. We recently released what we called an API tool that allows us to streamline processes from any online shop directly into OMS.

DCB won an award as a first entrant in the 28th annual Logistics Achiever Awards 2016 for “The significant achievement in logistics in re-design of the client interface” which we are very proud of.

OMS allows customers to do some of the following:

• Use the system online
• Get 3 instant quotes using Freightware rate engine
• Create a waybill \ label
• Generate a barcoded invoice label for imaging purposes
• View track and trace info
• Retrieve hardcopy POD’s
• Capture their own customer delivery sites
• Report on Invoice vs. Freight value
• Report on different divisions \ brands
• Send automated special instructions to a group email
• Give the customer 3 quotes instead of 1


Trackmatic is our fleet monitoring and tracking utility, vehicle tracking as evolved into an operation tool to monitor our fleet and keep our drivers safe on the road, in partnership with DCB, Trackmatic has custom developed a tracking tool to allow various functionality to allow our control room to be effective and pro-active in monitoring of our bakkies and trucks:

• Day to day tracking
• No go area monitoring
• Speeding reports
• Customer notifications when arriving and leaving a site
• Route controlling
• Route optimization (New development)
• Various reporting

Parcel Tracking

We run an internet based tracking system monitoring the movement of all our parcels. This is available to all customers through our Web Page. If you require further details such as Rates, hard copy POD‘S you can access this by logging in with your unique password.


Specialized weighing and dimension machine – All compatible parcels go through SWAD to supply accurate weight & volume data and give a true representation of the space they will require. Our SWAD gets serviced and calibrated every 3 months which is more than the required 3 times a year by trade authority.


E-docs is designed to create images from documentation, e.g. Delivery sheets, Waybills and GRV‘s in order to keep record of the documentation. It‘s a secure document solution that automates invoicing. It gives you one click access to POD‘s from your electronic invoice that is sent to you via e-mail weekly and/or monthly. Allows for fast and easy multiple POD search on our website, and can effortlessly retrieve hardcopies. DCB‘s main goal is to make the E-doc the POD solution for our customer.


This is a palm sized video camera mounted on the windscreen below the rear-view mirror of a truck. The main focus of this system is driver behaviour management, driver safety and to reduce collision related expenses. Drivecam can benefit Pilots in the following ways:

• In a hijack situation
• Miss-collection or delivery-if the client is not home
• Collection of parcels not packaged correctly
• Hit and run scenario
• Traffic officer pulls a driver over
• Accidents


All vehicles are fitted with a fuelmaster device and OTI Africa is responsible for the installation and maintenance of this device. This is a device that is permitted at most BP service stations

The system supports nozzle in correct tank identification and a convenient method of payment for the company. This is regarded as the most secure solution to combat fraud. This system has a tag that automatically picks up the vehicle details when refuelling